Sunday, February 26, 2012

my first blog

          This blog isn't about a specific thing, its just a random thing were when people are bored and on there computer they come and check, i'll have random facts that i learned that day or maybe quotes. I am really big on quotes, i go on and search "love quotes" or "inspirational quotes" and copy them down in my phone or in my notebook. Also i might say funny things that happened that day, probably funny things that happened in the past too, its more fun to share funny things with other people that you don't know then to share them with your family and friends. The last two things i might put on here are pictures that were really funny and stories that weren't just funny, but nice and something i thought was clever or thoughtful. 
         I am good at writing, but not good at conclusions or leads, so just warning you, i am going to end every post pretty badly unless i have something in mind.